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The WASUSA Junior Division has a National meet held once a year called the National Junior Disability Championships (NJDC).  This event allows Junior Athletes to complete in multiple sports (Athletics, Swimming, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Swimming, Archery) and set national records. 

To qualify for the national event the athlete must compete regionally and achieve and submit results at or above the national standard for that event.  

  • Juniors standards are set based on a combination of facts;
  • Sex:                   Male/Female,
  • Age Group (Age as of December 31st of the year competing):         
    Future      <7   U7      1-6   Futures may compete at Region but not at NJDC
    Under 11    U11    7,8,9,10
    Under 14    U14   11,12,13
    Under 16    U16   14,15
    Under 18    U18    16,17
    Under 20    U20    18,19
    Under 23    U23    20,21,22
  • Functional Class:  Track,T11-T54; Field,F11-F58;  Swimming,S1-15-SB1-15-SM1-15; 
                                    Archery AR, Table Tennis TT1-4,
                                    Weightlifting is classed by the athletes' weight class
  • Example:    Track class T54, Age Under 11, Sex Male ---> T54 U11 Male

  • Standards
    Qualifing standards change yearly and are available at the WASUSA WEBSITE www.wasusa.org

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